Seeking MY Remnant World Wide Ministries

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Seeking MY Remnant World Wide Ministries is outreach on the front line, of the highways and byways of this present world.  In 2005, while walking home one evening, I heard the Holy Spirit say" Seeking MY Remnant is the name of the ministry I have called you to establish. The Remnant are the outcasts of this world whom society has declared they will  NEVER  be anything nor do anything!

Romans 9:27 And Isaiah calls out concerning Israel: “Though the number of the sons of Israel be like the sand of the sea, it is only the remnant [a small believing minority] that will be saved [from God’s judgment]; A remnant of people is what is left of a community following a catastrophe

Our Ministries

Broken Chains Prison Ministry Outreach
Women Of Favor By Choice International Ministries  of Leadership
I Will Shelter You Ministry

Seeking MY Remnant Studio
Seeking My Remnant Entertainment
Seeking MY Remnant Media Productions
Joshua's House for Christian Artists
Love Through It All Family Ministry​