Is a vision The Holy Spirit gave  Apostle Dr. Heloise   Gibson to ensure the remnant behind the walls of jails, correctional facilities, prisons, federal and Super Max are not forgotten!  Editor of “Applying the Word Newsletter,” which encourages and educates through the Word.  Unless you are anchored on the Rock when the storms of life come you will be swept away!  Stay filled with the Word for the storms of life will be easier, for your help cometh from the LORD!  Apostle Dr. Sulyans- Gibson: Chaplain also keep it real on empowerment inside and outside of the walls.  Teaching on accountability and how to stand in the stronghold of prison. It is only through the Word of God that every testing will grant victory!  Even the reality of reconciliation in freedom with home, family, friends employment and the constant rejection of many because of the word felon, inmate, prisoner, convict and what she calls the RED SCARLET LETTER.


Mission statement: 

To provide an arena of hope, encouragement, support, and love with choices, information and direction as families diligently strive to keep relationships going with the many obstacles of separation and isolation from a family member locked in a Jail, Correctional Facility SuperMax and Federal Prisons.
Love Through It All Family Ministry understands the great emotional abandonment issues experienced by all family members on the outside as well as the inside.  Networking with other families is encouraged to navigate the various roadblocks established too understanding the penal system, of the jails, correctional facilities, Correctional Facilities, State Prisons, Federal Prisons, SuperMax, and  Privately Own. The family structure most be under grid as it faces and encounter challenges to love, encourage and stay connected to a love one who is now residing not only many miles away but years away from release. 
Our goal is to empower every family so that stability in the mist of separation can and is established. It is not easy but it can be done with strength and support of everyone.