Apostle Heloise talking about PTSD while in prison and learning to readjust to walking around in freedom.

I have learned to sing from my heart for healing. This song Freedom is my first improv. When asked the question, "Heloise how do you feel about FREEDOM"

2016 Apostle is a singer and member of Die Jim Crow. Die Jim Crow explores the journey of the contributing artists through intimate first-person narrative, overarching political themes, and haunting musical through lines. Fusing several genres of traditionally African American music, the album features blues, hip hop, rock n roll, jazz, R&B and more.
 She sings with Carl Dukes a song called Plastic bags. Plastic bags are what your property was put into when transported from one facility to the next. For some, it was what they came back into society with of all their worldly goods aka Louis Vuitton.  She sings background for Tired and Weary. Learn more about the voices used in music to expose the inhumane impact of mass incarceration by www.diejimcrow.com

Plastic Bags was my response to listening to what Carl Dukes songwriter went through when he was released from prison. I had a flashback of what it meant to me as I sing in  Plastic Bags.

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