SMR Media Training for the youth is committed to providing outreach training to at-risk youth, ages 9-19 the abused and underserved communities providing them the opportunity to express themselves through media. This will strengthen their abilities to problem solve issues that they face daily in their lives and communities. 

Young people have the potential and 
desire to enhance their communities, families and their nation if given the support and opportunity.

We at The SMR Project provide that service to them.

The project entails exploring issues through various creative forms of 
Arts. This will build self-esteem and self-worth while creating stronger foundations for the participants.  Which will motivate them to appreciate and seek additional educational opportunities.   Education can be transforming! Increasing the desire for education and building community is the goal of  SMR Project

Life affords no greater responsibility no greater privilege than the raising of the next generation.

C. Everett Koop