Gen. 50:19 And Joseph said to them, Fear not; for am I in the place of God? [Vengeance is His, not mine.] 20 As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are this day.  While living in exile of a New York State Correctional Facility 1999 accepted the called to Salvation while speaking to the LORD. 'Saying LORD if You clean me up from this crack I will go anywhere for You and do anything You say. 
- 2000, the LORD  gave a call for   prison ministry  by starting  a pen-pal encouragement, food package and job outreach.
- In 2003, Apostle Dr. Gibson, returned from exile after living 4 years in the wilderness of a New York State Prison.  “I got my PHD in Jesus with the on the job training dealing with demons and principalities in the strong hold of prison.  Battlefield ready”!  Rev. Dr. Diana Hodges provided  support, love and encouragement to Apostle Dr. Gibson while in prison and even today as she works in the vineyard doing prison ministry. She is known as the Judah Praise Baby! 
- Alumni of College Initiative Program at Lehman College which assists men and women returning from prison to obtain a college education.
-Advocate for men and women after finishing  Women’s Prison Association’s (WAP) Program,1st graduating class 2003. Graduated from WomenCare Program of WPA.
-1St- girl mentoree of Safe Harbor Mentoring Program, Pastor Roy Kirton, Circle of Love Ministry. She received a scholarship to Chaplaincy School from the Safe Harbor Mentoring Program.
- Facilitated , Network in the Community, which is a support group for men and women on work –release and parole as they navigate re-entry , reconciliation to the community and family, understanding being on conditional release- Parole, and adjusting to walking around in freedom. 
- Alumni of the College and Community Fellowship, which understands that recidivism, is reduced through education. Apostle Dr.  Gibson, declares the true education is the Word of God! 
-Advisory Council for Women of Substance –Justice Works Organization 5  year until it closed due to lack of funding March 2010.  Motivational Speaker: sharing first hand experience of what prison life entrails for a woman and mother. Presentations given  to colleges, organizations and churches, Advocates for Alternative to Incarceration Programs for women and mothers. Families should not have to endure separation and the dismantling of families. The majority of women who are incarcerated are victims of domestic violence, rape, incest, and are suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other mental health issues from years of trauma. Drug addiction is a health issue and needs to be treated as such by providing the proper medical treatment, NOT PRISONS!!!!
-  Spoke before the 2008, New York State Assembly Committee on 35 years of Rockefeller Drug Laws. How this law did not stop the epidemic of drug abuse. Spoke at rally at City Hall.
-Member of Correctional Association of New York Coalition for Women Prisoners and New York Campaign for Telephone Justice.
-Spoke at the 2009 New York State Coalition for Drop the Rock in Albany New York. Hand Speaker of the  New York State  House A  Sidney Sheldon  30, 000 signed petitions for the reform of Drop the Rock. 
-April 3, 2005, ordained Evangelist under the leadership of Overseer Dr. Rev. Alfred L. Phillips, of Ebenezer House of Deliverance Brooklyn, New York. 
-August 2005, Evangelist Gibson graduated Chaplain under, “United We Stand Chaplain”.

-September 5, 2006, ordained Reverend.  November 5, 2006, Pastor of Chaplaincy under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Alfred L. Phillips.

-2006 Board member and instructor of Staten Island branch of Anointed by God Ministers Alliance.

-2008-2009 Certificate of Participation -Theater for Social Change -College and Community Fellowship. (TSC) is a performance ensemble based in Harlem that uses theater to raise awareness about the impact of mass incarceration on women, families, and communities. TSC’s original performances are based on ensemble members’ life stories and experiences with the criminal justice system and as returning citizens, with a focus on eliminating barriers to higher education and advocating for reform. 

-2008 became homeless due to domestic violence-verbal abuse. Having a felony many programs DO NOT because of the laws in the land provide you assistance. But God opened the door due to being a  Viet Nam Veteran.  Informed we do not care anything about your felony, you served  and received an Honorable Discharge. Blessed with a Section 8 was no longer homeless. 

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Apostle Dr. Heloise Sulyans-Gibson-Chaplain-D.D.​

While living in a Domestic Violence Shelter the Holy Spirit said it is time to heal. I had been blessed to connect with Emmitt Thrower aka My Yogi. He is a play writer , actor and a film maker. He had an play called ' NIGHT MARE AND DREAMS" I told my story and acted out the  pain while  healing. 
* "WHY DID THIS HAVE TO END LIKE THIS" , to heal from a domestic violence situation. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence as a child and now as an adult. Domestic Violence has many cunning faces and the worst is verbal and mental abuse!  






Sung and written by Apostle Dr. Heloise Sulyans-Gibson

 Thank you Emmitt for the mentoring in a whole new environment and I am having so much fun maturing in the many gifts and talents that God has breathed into me. Glory.  

​- August 28, 2009, ordained Apostle under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Leigh Martin-Beasley, House of Micah International Ministries of Helps. 
-September 12, 2009, received Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Matthew Lawson of Soul Clinic Ministries International. 
* My motto is “Holiness is still right and  my chosen lifestyle for true success in life. With out God I CAN do nothing!